Walt Disney World & Disneyland Ticket Prices Rumored to Increase on February 22

WDW Magic Your Way

As has been rumored for a few weeks, the ticket prices for Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks will soon be increasing.  If what we hear is correct, they will be rising this Sunday, February 22.  If what have heard is fact, for the first time ever, the price of some tickets will be going up over $100.

Some Disney sites have gotten confirmation that the price hikes for Walt Disney World will go into effect on Sunday. Not all ticket increases are known yet, but it has been revealed that a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom will go up to $105 plus tax.

One-day tickets to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will go up to $99 plus tax each.

Currently, Magic Kingdom one-day tickets are $99 plus tax while one-day tickets to each of the other three parks are $94 plus tax.

Duncan Dickson is an associate professor at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and a former Disney executive. He said he has been advised by an unidentified Disney Cast Member that the price increase will happen.

There have also been rumors that the “No Expiration” ticket option will be ending as well. This option always allowed guests to hold onto any unused days on their tickets if they purchased it. If this does happen, all daily-park tickets will expire 14 days after day of first use.

We  have also heard that one-day water park tickets will be automatically have the “Hopper” option. Guests will now be able to visit Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach with their one-day tickets without having to choose just one.

It is expected that the increases will also be happening for tickets at Disneyland this Sunday.

Author: Ray

I am a lifelong fan of everything Disney. My first trip to a a Disney park was to Disneyland as a child in 1970, but didn't make to Walt Disney World until I went with my wife and first child in 1990. A year doesn't go by with out at least one trip to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. My wife and I are Disney Vacation Club members and also Charter Members of D23.

One thought on “Walt Disney World & Disneyland Ticket Prices Rumored to Increase on February 22”

  1. Every year the price increase comes, and every year the internet blows up in a fury of rants and raves. People incessantly scream about unaffordability and how they’re never going to step foot in a Disney park again. Yet, as inevitable as the increase itself, the people keep going to the parks. Is a visit to the parks expensive? Obviously, and nobody likes paying more for something that was cheaper the day before, but it’s not as earth-shattering as the internet echo chamber would have you believe. The fact is that prices at the parks are comparable to other entertainment and recreation. Look at the price of a Broadway-caliber show, lift tickets in the Rockies, and tickets to an NFL game, just to name a few. The price per hour of going to a Disney park is just as low, if not lower than those. I think people need to get beyond the headlines and look at the big picture: Prices go up. That goes for Disney as well.

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