Disney Releases New ‘Frozen’ App That Lets Users Build Their World Inside A Snow Globe

Disney announced on Thursday the release of a new Frozen-themed game aimed at children that allows users to enter and create their own versions of the world seen in the popular animated movie.

Titled Disney Build It: Frozen, the player constructs and customizes various buildings inside a snow globe, letting their imagination run wild.

The app starts off with a brief tutorial to show the player how to drag and drop the various Frozen buildings, starting with Elsa’s Castle. The player adds their favorite colors to the buildings and customizes them with different roofs and chimneys, then watches them appear before their eyes.

Along with Elsa’s Castle, the player can construct other buildings, including Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, Arendelle Towers and much more. The user is able to visit locations as seen in the movie, like the North Mountain, the Forest, Troll Valley, Arendelle Castle and the town of Arendelle.

Building certain structures will cause some of the movie’s popular characters (Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff) to join the environment. These characters appear with an adorable snow globe that will warm the player’s heart as they explore their icy world. These characters can wander around the snow globe, dance, play and celebrate with the player, but the user can slide them to whatever location they please.

Once a building is created, the user earns snowflakes for props to add to the landscape of their globe, such as a snowman or snow-covered trees.

The gamer can also unlock a new character called Snowgie, a small snowman creature that will accompany the player on mini-missions.

Once the player finishes building their world, they can use Apple’s 3D Touch feature to activate a flythrough mode to be able to see the entirety of their snow globe creation. Players can build multiple snow globes and use the Home Screen Quick Actions to instantly jump into them.

With its lovable characters, easy gameplay and magical soundtrack, this new game will surely captivate Frozen fans for hours on end.

Disney Build It: Frozen is now available to download for iOS and Android for $3.99 with in-app purchases.

From TechTimes


Author: Ray

I am a lifelong fan of everything Disney. My first trip to a a Disney park was to Disneyland as a child in 1970, but didn't make to Walt Disney World until I went with my wife and first child in 1990. A year doesn't go by with out at least one trip to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. My wife and I are Disney Vacation Club members and also Charter Members of D23.

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