Marvel’s Iron Man Experience Set to Open Late 2016 in Hong Kong Disneyland

Finally! After getting so ecstatic about the latest installment from the Avengers series Captain America: Civil War, kids and kids-at-heart will get to enjoy one of the first Marvel ride-through attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland late this 2016 as HK Disneyland recently announced that ride system tests have begun for Marvel’s Iron Man Experience.

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, but we’re sure even non-Iron Man fans will love the Disney experience when cult favorite Mr. Stark finally ushers in the Stark Expo, Tomorrowland’s new Marvel-themed area where interactive activities await the eager market. Visitors can experience how it is like to be in the iron suit in the interactive experience “Become Iron Man.”

Before guests get to challenge the evil forces of Hydra, the experience begins when the energetic billionaire industrialist and inventor Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) decides to bring the Stark Expo to Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland. From here on, one can imagine the adventures that will follow next.

Just like in the movies, guests can visit the Expo and explore the latest and greatest innovations from Stark Industries. Tourists can then go aboard an Iron Wing vehicle, the latest flying transport invented by Stark Industries, and journey through Hong Kong’s streets, which will look like the West Kowloon and Causeway Bay.

During the ride, familiar landmarks will be seen in the attraction like the Tsing Ma Bridge, the city’s pristine mountain ranges, iconic urban taxis and the harbor front. But the ride won’t be as smooth as expected because the guests will battle against the forces of Hydra.

Marvel’s Iron Man Experience is estimated to have cost more than $100 million to build. With the amount of money and effort put into it, fans will definitely get the experience of a lifetime – with everyone waiting for the time when it finally opens to welcome its first riders.

For information on attractions and vacations at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, visit, or call (852) 3550-3388 or download the mobile app Hong Kong Disneyland both available for Android and iOs users.

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Author: Ray

I am a lifelong fan of everything Disney. My first trip to a a Disney park was to Disneyland as a child in 1970, but didn't make to Walt Disney World until I went with my wife and first child in 1990. A year doesn't go by with out at least one trip to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World. My wife and I are Disney Vacation Club members and also Charter Members of D23.

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