Jungle Cruise Themed Restaurant Rumored to be Coming to Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise - Crew Mess

There have been rumors reporting that the new restaurant would be a New Orleans-themed, a la Princess and the Frog…though recently we’ve heard the area just may actually be themed after the Jungle Cruise!

The restaurant would take place at the old Adventureland Veranda, which served as a restaurant for years – with Kikkoman as a corporate sponsor.

Recently the veranda has been used as a character Meet and Greet with Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends. (Tink and Co. have since flitted over to the Main Street Theater, where you can catch them, along with Mickey and other characters, for aaaaaalllll of your photo op needs.) These days, you’ll frequently spy Peter Pan and Wendy here.

But now, it would seem that this new opening is definitely linked to the snack spot switch reported last week, when Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace swapped real estate (and treats).

But back to the restaurant. The backstory for the new spot may include a retreat for Jungle Cruise skippers, or even a secondary source of income for them!

Maybe will be similar to Be Our Guest Restaurant, in that it will offer r quick service and table service dinner.  We can hope….right?

If these rumors are true it is anticipated that the new restaurant could open as early as late 2015.

New Adventureland Veranda Restaurant Construction Permits Filed


There has been constant speculation for the last several years about there being a new Adventureland Veranda restaurant.  It now seems that finally there will once again become a restaurant as construction permits have now been filed.

Located just across from the Tree House, it originally operated as a fast food restaurant with a tropical theme from opening day October 1, 1971, but ceased operating in 1994. The Veranda has since been home to character meet and greets.

Over the years various restaurant concepts ranging from the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean to an Adventurers Club theme have been mentioned in connection with the location over the years.

Related to this project seems to be the extended 6 month refurbishment of the nearby Liberty Tree Tavern beginning his summer. There has been some suggestion that kitchen space and other facilities may be shared between the two restaurants, which explains the rather unusual extended downtime of the Liberty Tree Tavern.