Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Announce Ticket Price Increases….And Guess What…It’s Not the End of the World

This Sunday Disney seemingly “shook” the Disney fan community with it’s annual ticket price increase for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.  The uproar and shock of Disney ticket prices seems to happen every year yet it happens every year and at this time of the year for the last five years or so.

Let’s go over the basics of the ticket price increases…

For Disneyland we have –

Peak one-day tickets increasing from $124 to $135.   8.9% increase

Regular one-day ticket increasing from $110 to $117.  6.4% increase

Value ticket will remain at $97.

At Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, a Signature Plus annual pass is now priced at $1,149, a Deluxe is $729 and a SoCal Select costs $369. If you talk to people visiting Disneyland Resort over the last few years a common complaint is the fact the parks are very crowded, especially on weekends.

For locals that don’t have Annual Passes I will acknowledge that the single day ticket increase might be an issue.  For guests coming from out of the local area this isn’t really an issue.   Most of these guests are going to be buying multi-day passes, staying 3-5 days, which even though saw price increases the price per day is still significantly less than the single-day pass.

Disneyland for the most part depends on the Annual Passholder for its ticket revenue, but the problem over the last few years is the number of passholders that are coming during peak times, especially on weekends is causing crowding and parking issues.  While not publicly stated, Disneyland has been using prices and blackouts to lower the number of passholders especially those visiting on weekends.

Now onto Walt Disney World –

Regular tickets increasing from $115 to $119.   4.3% increase

Peak tickets increasing from $124 to $129.   4.0% increase

Value tickets increasing from $107 to $109.   1.9% increase

Walt Disney World also raised the price of its annual passes at the different theme parks. At its Florida parks, a silver pass now costs $439, a gold pass costs $589 and a platinum pass is $849, or $729 for Florida residents. The platinum pass rose by $70, or $50 for Floridians.

According to Forbes, Disney claims the reason behind the rising prices is to help regulate crowd sizes throughout the year in hopes of reducing the wait at the parks.

Frankly, this is really the only way to limit the number of guests in the parks. People have complained that the price increases are pricing out the ‘average family.’  Yet, despite the price increases over the past few years, the parks have gotten more crowded.  There used to be ‘slow times’, especially early December and the early part of the year before Spring Break and Easter.  Those slow times are gone and basically the crowds have gone from “Insanely Crowded”, “Crowded” to “Less Crowded.”  There is no slow time at Walt Disney World anymore.  Despite the price increases people are still coming, even if it means they have to save longer for the trip.

So if you look at the ticket prices to regulate crowds Disney obviously hasn’t hit the ceiling…yet.  Will this be the price increase that does it?  We’ll have wait and see.   Whenever Disney ticket prices increase people come out of the woodwork and complain, some even stating they’ll never go to the parks again…..yet more people are going to the parks than ever.

The one thing that needs to be mentioned.  Very few people and families that visit Walt Disney World purchase the one-day ticket.  Except for locals who don’t have Annual Passes or Florida Resident passes, very few people visit Walt Disney World for only one day.

This point is echoed by Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger –

“Given the small percentage of guests that purchase a one-day ticket at Walt Disney World, extending pre-published, date-specific pricing to multi-day tickets will further advance our efforts to spread attendance throughout the year and ensure all guests have a magical experience no matter when they visit.”

Those of us who need to budget for a trip to Walt Disney World and don’t have Annual Passes, Disney is aware of this.

Finger also stated, “We know how important making memories at Disney theme parks is to families and we will continue to evolve our pricing in a way that gives families a range of options to meet their budget and helps better spread attendance throughout the year so they can make the most of every visit.”

Until these plans are released what can the average guest do now that the prices have increased?  My suggestion is to book your trip as soon as possible and contact third-party sellers of WDW tickets.  Guests need to comparison shop the third parties to see which are cheapest.  Third party that are trusted and recommended by multiple people are ParkSaversGet Away TodayOfficial Ticket Center or Undercover Tourist.

These third party re-sellers still have some tickets at the old pricing, but these tickets won’t last forever, so it is imperative that if you have a trip planned anytime in the near future and haven’t bought tickets and want to save money, that you contact these companies as soon as possible.

No one likes to see price increases….for anything, but this is not the end of the world.

Walt Disney World Introduces Limited Time 4 Park Magic Ticket with Lower Priced Park Entry

Walt Disney World has introduced a new limited time special ticket offer. The 4 Park Magic Ticket gives guests the chance to experience each park for only $70 per day plus tax.

The 4 Park Magic Ticket, provides one admission to each of the four theme parks on four separate days. The special ticket offer must be used between November 15, 2016 and May 26, 2017, with block out dates include the Christmas holiday period of December 17, 2016 to January 2, 2017 and the Easter holiday period of April 10 to 21, 2017.

Tickets must be used within 14 days of first use or by May 26th of 2017.

The 4 Park Magic Ticket is available for purchase through March 5, 2017 at DisneyWorld.com/tickets or by calling (407) 939-5277.

Pricing is $279 for adults, and $259 for ages 3 – 9.

Walt Disney World Now Requiring Scanning of Kid’s Fingers

Walt Disney World is now requiring children from 3 to 9 years old to have their fingers scanned when they enter the theme parks, just like older kids and adults.

Disney said the new process will help block the use of stolen and shared tickets. Previously, kids’ tickets would have been easy to transfer because they had no finger images attached to them.

Any parents who feel uncomfortable with having their kids’ fingers scanned can use their own instead.

Disney Calls Tiered Admission Pricing A Success

Walt Disney World’s demand-based pricing has succeeded in spreading out attendance at the parks in Florida and Southern California and increasing revenues, the company said in its quarterly earnings call.

Launched in February to alleviate overcrowding and ultimately increase revenue, the pricing system separates the calendar into “value,” “regular,” and “peak” days, each with a different single-day rate.

Over the 2015 holiday season, both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom reached full capacity and were forced to shut their gates. The parks saw a 10% increase in attendance in the last quarter of 2015.

The new pricing plan was instituted “in part to moderate attendance so that the park experience is a little bit better, but all designed with the effect of essentially raising revenue,” CEO Bob Iger said during the call. And indeed,  while the change did cause a “modest” decrease in attendance at Disney World in Florida between January and March, overall the Parks and Resorts division increased revenue by 4%, to $3.9 billion.

Disney also noted that its cruise business set records for revenue and operating income, though it did not provide details.

From Travel Market Report

Ticket Price Increases Coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Along with Tiered Pricing

Disney will be increasing ticket prices at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort  on Sunday February 28th.

Disney will also introduce a new three tier system for 1 day tickets. Sources say that the calendar year will be split into periods of value, regular and peak periods, and will be priced accordingly.

It has not been confirmed, but it appears that the tiered pricing will only be applied to single day tickets at this time.  Also…what the new prices for tickets will be is not known at this time.

Walt Disney World & Disneyland Ticket Prices Rumored to Increase on February 22

WDW Magic Your Way

As has been rumored for a few weeks, the ticket prices for Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks will soon be increasing.  If what we hear is correct, they will be rising this Sunday, February 22.  If what have heard is fact, for the first time ever, the price of some tickets will be going up over $100.

Some Disney sites have gotten confirmation that the price hikes for Walt Disney World will go into effect on Sunday. Not all ticket increases are known yet, but it has been revealed that a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom will go up to $105 plus tax.

One-day tickets to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will go up to $99 plus tax each.

Currently, Magic Kingdom one-day tickets are $99 plus tax while one-day tickets to each of the other three parks are $94 plus tax.

Duncan Dickson is an associate professor at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and a former Disney executive. He said he has been advised by an unidentified Disney Cast Member that the price increase will happen.

There have also been rumors that the “No Expiration” ticket option will be ending as well. This option always allowed guests to hold onto any unused days on their tickets if they purchased it. If this does happen, all daily-park tickets will expire 14 days after day of first use.

We  have also heard that one-day water park tickets will be automatically have the “Hopper” option. Guests will now be able to visit Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach with their one-day tickets without having to choose just one.

It is expected that the increases will also be happening for tickets at Disneyland this Sunday.

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