Walt Disney World Now Requiring Scanning of Kid’s Fingers

Walt Disney World is now requiring children from 3 to 9 years old to have their fingers scanned when they enter the theme parks, just like older kids and adults.

Disney said the new process will help block the use of stolen and shared tickets. Previously, kids’ tickets would have been easy to transfer because they had no finger images attached to them.

Any parents who feel uncomfortable with having their kids’ fingers scanned can use their own instead.

FCC Testing Reveals that Walt Disney World is Working on New Type of MagicBand

Standard FCC testing has revealed that Disney’s next generation of MagicBand is being worked on.

The original FCC filing was placed in May 2016, and has just been declassified by the FCC.

Named Model MB-R1G2 (the original as MB-R1G1), the band differs significantly from the first in that it does not appear to have a strap.

It may be possible that Disney is planning to offer straps separately from the main body of the MagicBand, which can then be attached, much like the Apple Watch. By doing this it would allow guests to change the look of the band, without having to dispose of the electronics and re-register the new band in the My Disney Experience app.

Like the original, the new model of the MagicBand has been developed by Synapse, and includes a 2.4GHz radio, along with a passive HF RFID tag radio.

New Update to ‘My Disney Experience’ App Will Add Navigation Capability

Disney is about to unleash a new version of My Disney Experience that will bring a big new feature – navigation.


Working similar to Google Maps and Apple Maps, you will be able to select an attraction from the map, hit ‘Get Directions,’ and then choose a ‘From’ location, which can be your current position from GPS, or another attraction or location.

Navigation will not only work inside a park for attractions, shops and restaurants, it will also give guests directions across the entire Walt Disney World property.

When navigating outside of the parks, the app will make use of the various transportation options, including bus, monorail and watercraft. It will also give an estimate of time required.

Since the debut of MyMagic+, the My Disney Experience app has continuously been updated to bring new functionality, making it an essential tool for a trip to Walt Disney World.

Huge FastPass+ Upgrade Goes Online Sunday

Walt Disney World will be rolling out a huge upgrade to its FastPass+ service which should greatly improve the guest experience.

The upgrade will go into effect on April 10th and will include:

  • Once a guest uses their first three FastPass+ selections, additional selections can be made from the My Disney Experience app, and will no longer only be available from an in-park kiosk. The same rule applies as before, with the fourth becoming available once the first three have been used, and then the fifth becoming available once the fourth has been used, and so on.
  • It will no longer be necessary to choose all FastPass+ selections at the same time with My Disney Experience app or website. Individual selections can be made, and it will no longer be a requirement to choose three experiences – only one or two can be made if needed.

Unfortunately there will be no change to the requirement of choosing all three FastPass+ selections from the same park, but after the first three have been used, the additional FastPass+ selection can be at a different park.

Some Walt Disney World FastPass+ Attractions Eliminating Second Touch Point

Walt Disney World is attempting to improve efficiency through the FastPass+ line, some attractions are making changes to the FastPass+ touch points.

The new system will allow for only the first touch point at the beginning of the line to be used, eliminating the need for the second touch point that is found at the merge point between the FastPass+ and Standby lines.

The second touch point was originally installed to prevent line jumping from the standby line to the FastPass+ line after the initial touch point.

In removing the second touch point, the process for guests passing through the line will be simplified.

Walt Disney World Dining Website Now Allows Changes to Existing Dining Reservations

Disney Dining - Donald

Walt Disney World has updated their dining website so that guests are now allowed to make changes to existing dining reservations.

Previously, any changes to seating date/time, and number of guests had to be done over the phone or by cancelling and starting over. The new website functionality allows these to be changed online up to 20 minutes before the reservation.

The new feature is currently only available on the website, and not on the My Disney Experience app.

‘My Disney Experience’ App Updated to Provide more PhotoPass Features


The ‘My Disney Experience’ app has been updated and it includes additional features for PhotoPass.

The app now displays a new QR code which can be scanned by PhotoPass photographers in place of a PhotoPass card or MagicBand.

Disney has recently been expanding the scope of My Disney Experience to include more PhotoPass functionality. The last update included previews of PhotoPass images.

The new version of ‘My Disney Experience’ is now in the Apple App Store.

‘My Disney Experience’ App Update adds PhotoPass Previews


Today Disney released an update to its ‘My Disney Experience’ app that includes previews of PhotoPass images.

Currently the app doesn’t allow guests to purchase individual images, instead it prompts guests to visit the PhotoPass website to do that. When selecting an image from the preview, the app offers the Memory Maker product for $199, which covers all of your PhotoPass photography during a current trip.

WDW Planning to Reinvent the Theme Park Shopping Experience with New Mobile App

WDW Emporium

Disney is getting ready to introduce a new mobile app that will make finding, buying and shipping merchandise from the Walt Disney World theme parks easier and faster than ever.

Unlike the merchandise being offered by the existing DisneyStore.com site, the new app will offer nearly the full range of merchandise available in the parks, and should once-and-for-all resolve that problem of – “I wish I had bought it when I was there..”

Called ‘Shop Disney Parks,’ the app will allow guests to locate, order, and ship merchandise from any Disney operated retail store at Walt Disney World.

For guests shopping at home within the US, the app will let them browse, buy and then ship the items directly. Guests that are already in the parks, will have the capability to browse, buy and then ship to the front of park, or for resort guests, directly to the hotel.

Inside the stores, guests will be able to scan the merchandise for more information about the product.

By linking in with My Disney Experience, the app will also honor discounts, such as Annual Pass and Disney Vacation Club discounts.

The app will be launching soon, and will be available for iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, and Android.

Update to My Disney Experience Web Site Addresses Common MagicBand Complaint


Returning Walt Disney guests frequently comment on how they have a huge stockpile of MagicBands at home, with a new MagicBand being sent automatically with every Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation.

The update will give those guests who are staying at one of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels the option to opt-out of receiving a band, provided that they have an existing MagicBand already active on the My Disney Experience account, and that the existing MagicBand is less than 1 year old. MagicBands have a non-replaceable battery, so the operational lifespan is limited.

Guests will need to opt-out each time you make a reservation if they wish to use an existing MagicBand, and if you change your mind, you can opt back in to get a new MagicBand.

The update is so far only live on the My Disney Experience website, and is not yet available on the phone apps.