TSA Announces Mask Mandate on Planes Will Not Be Enforced Following Court Ruling

Yesterday a federal judge in Florida ruled the nationwide mask mandate for airports, planes and other public transportation is unlawful.

Shortly after Monday’s ruling was handed down, the Transportation Security Administration said it will no longer enforce the mandate.

The CDC had recently extended the mask mandate covering air travel and other public transportation to May 3rd.

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled Monday that the mandate exceeded the statutory authority of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which issued the order. Mizelle’s ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed in July by the nonprofit Health Freedom Defense Fund.

Even though the TSA has stated that they won’t be enforcing the mask mandate, it still is not known whether the Biden administration will appeal the ruling.

Ever since the parks have re-opened following their closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has repeatedly followed the TSA guidelines with regard to its transportation operations. Walt Disney World no longer requires masks to be worn inside its buildings but still requires masks to be worn when aboard any enclosed transportation, including the monorail system and busses. Even the recently opened Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser transportation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios requires masks to be worn when onboard.

While it remains to be seen what implication this latest ruling will have any action Disney will take in response, it is anticipated that Disney will probably be ending its mask mandate while guests are on Disney transportation. Disney has not hinted as to what they plan on doing at this time.

Disney’s Magical Express Changes Pickup to 4 Hours Before Flight Departure

Effective November 17th, Disney’s Magical Express will begin picking up guests four hours prior to their flight departures.

Due to enhanced Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security measures, Orlando Airport is now advising travelers to arrive at least 3 hours before their departure time.

Disney’s Magical Express is making the change for both domestic and international flights to accommodate the TSA change.

Resort airline check-in desks at resort hotels will operate from 4am to noon daily, and guests using the resort airline check-in service must now check in for the flight at least four hours prior to departure.

Orlando International Airpot expects to be operating the enhanced security through early January 2018.

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